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 Leather Dog Harness

Our Story

It all began with a dog!  That fuzzy, lovable black lab, Buckus!  He joined our family in 1996 and little did we know how much life was about to change!  In 1998 our story with Blackjack’s begins!  As it turned out, Joe loved dog training and working with the equipment became 2nd nature!  The training harness we used with Buckus is still with us today, and worn by every dog that followed him and then some!  Our journey with BJL has been amazing!  We have been blessed to travel the USA, and meet tons of great folks & their furry friends too! 

Thank you for stopping in to take a look!


First and foremost, Blackjack’s Leather & Nylon is about building strong relationships with our customers, oursleves and their beloved K-9 friends!

Our belief is that great product + excellent customer care = a strong foundation for successful relationships!

Meeting your dog handling needs, whether it’s work, sport or play, for strength, safety, longevity, beauty and comfort all the way!

 Individually Hand Crafted with Premium Leather!