Holy Cow.....I forgot the dogs!

Holy Cow!!! 

So I am new to this whole blog thing and in my excitement to introduce my husband and myself the other day I totally forgot to introduce two of the biggest reasons as to why we are here. 

Obviously we wanted to carry this business name on since it has been around since '76, we definitely didn't want to see it close. And it makes me staying home not working a little less of a burden on my husband, as well as we hope to grow it into something we can then pass on to our children if they so choose to take it, but I would say the biggest reason we are here making leashes and constructing collars is because of our dogs!

Richard's whole background is dogs it is honestly all he knows. And to say I love that about him is an understatement. Growing up as a dog/horse obsessed kid in a household that didn't have dogs was rough. So when I find Richard and we have the same views and wants from our dogs as to how and what they should be....you guessed it I married him! :) 

Sorry getting off on a tangent, So I mentioned I am a dog trainer, I attended the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers back in 2011. My first purchase was Tucker a male yellow lab. Now a funny little story about the irony that my first purchased dog is a lab. When I was little and begging my dad for a puppy my grandma had always wanted to get me a lab. Now being young and naive and not worked with a whole lot of dogs, I was like nahhh what could a lab be good at? I wanted something big a tough and I really thought I wanted a bully type breed. So when I bought Tucker for school we also were required to purchase a second puppy to raise and train so I bought a Malinois. I had every intention of selling Tucker and keeping my Mal. Long story short after school my Mal was not what I was looking for in a dog and Tucker turned out to be everything and more! 

I trained him in all of his basic-advanced obedience, he is on and off leashed trained, he retrieves, he is good (I take that back he is fabulous) with other dogs, he is good with cats and farm critters, kids big and small, he runs next to my truck or a four wheeler when I need him too. The list is endless with him he is my Ol' Reliable as I call him and is just amazing. He is and will always be my heart dog and I really couldn't ask for anyone better. So for those of you wondering about my previous statement about what could a lab be good at? The answer is everything! He is a multipurpose dog, when he was younger I did bite work with him and taught him to protect my car. And now at the age of 9 he is a babysitter of children and enjoying retired life. 


Which brings me to reason number 2 Tyson! Tyson is a 2 year old male Golden Retriever. We got Tyson last year on a whim, he was brought to the kennel I was training at and I took one look at him and knew he had to come home with me. For those of you who know me you know I'm not the lets bring every dog home type, so when I said he needed to come home we knew he was special. Now Tyson did not have the same labor intensive start as Tucker did. He was raised in a home with a family who had the best of intentions and I think he was truly just too much for them. He had started with aggression towards them and their young daughter as well as the vet. They decided rehoming him was their best option and to the kennel he came. I started sending pictures to Richard from work and he would stop by on his way home and spend some time with him. After about a week of deliberation between us we decided to give him a try. I brought him home and he has fit right in. Though he is not a reliable temperament wise as Tucker, he can be a bit more nervous at times and gets startled easily, but he is friendly and allows me the opportunity to demonstrate to my clients what a finished dog should look like in obedience, and even better because many struggle with the same confidence issues in their dogs how to properly work them through situations that make them uncomfortable. 

Now you all have an idea of who we are and why we are passionate about this business. If you've read this far I appreciate it and would love to know more about our clients and why you love our products and who we are making them for. So please leave us a comment or a message and even better let's see a picture of those beautiful babies of yours!



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