An Unwavering Commitment to Quality

We are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality equipment that features the durability, strength, and comfort you need for you and your pet. We use only the finest quality materials to create our professional, military/law enforcement-grade dog handling equipment.

Top Gear for your Companion

If you are a dog handler, you understand the importance of having strong and sturdy gear for your pet. You rely on collars, harnesses, and other products to control and identify your best friend. Without a durable collar in place, you could end up dealing with an emergency situation. Flimsy leashes and collars can break easily, making it possible for your dog to run off. Our premium dog leashes and other products are made to hold up to regular use by even the strongest breeds.

Make Training Easy

Using handcrafted leather and braided dog collars and harnesses offer various benefits for owners and trainers. Whether you are training a dog or attempting to make your pet more responsive while they walk on a leash, we are here to assist you.

How It's Made

The first step we take in making your product is leather hide selection. We source all our leather from companies in the United States. We use Full-grain English Bridle leather. This gives us a combination of beauty and strength/durability. Once we receive the hide, we do a thorough inspection and make sure it is ready for production.

After selecting a beautiful English bridle hide, we get it cut down into desired width and lengths for our products. All this cutting is done with a handheld wooden strap cutter. Once our lengths and widths are correct, we then tip all of the ends and bevel the edges. After beveling the edges, we hand-stain all the edges that need to be stained. All necessary holes are hand punched and then the assembly is started. We assemble and braid all our products by hand as well. Once all the products have been assembled and riveted, we do a final inspection. Before shipping, we do a cleaning and conditioning, this way you receive a product that is ready for use out of the box.