Leather Leashes And Collars For Dogs

BlackJack's Leather sells superior quality leather leashes and collars for dogs in attractive styles and colors at affordable rates. We use the best quality leather to design the most comfortable dog collars. Our website also sells personalized leather dog collars, adding more chic to your pet's overall look.

Pros and cons of dog collar types

A dog collar is an essential accessory to train your dog and protect it from potential harm during walks. Here are some different types of dog collar materials:

  1. Leather

Classic leather dog collars are the common choice among pet owners. Leather is a natural material and hence is less irritating on your pet's skin. A leather dog collar can handle moisture better than most other materials and are long-lasting. With proper care, your leather dog collar can last for your dog's lifetime.

  1. Nylon

Nylon dog collars are tough, durable, and also handle moisture well. Nylon collars are easy to clean and are cheaper than leather dog collars.

However, with these collars, you run the risk of irritating your dog's skin. They can also break the hair shafts of your pup's coat and lose their color over time, looking old and dingy.

  1. Plastic

Plastic dog collars are cheap and come in a broad range of designs. They are completely waterproof and easy to clean. However, they are not very strong.

We sell superior quality leather dog collars that are durable and last the lifetime of most dogs. Our leather collar for German Shepherd comes in a broad range of colors and sizes and is easy to clean.

Why is a leather dog leash better?

When you buy one of our high-quality leather dog collars built to last, you enjoy a lifetime guarantee on the product. The leashes are handmade, naturally tanned, and the padded handles protect your hand.

Our Chic leather dog collars are available in natural leather colors, varying lengths, and sizes. Not to mention, leather dog leashes are classy looking and are more durable than nylon collars. You no longer need to worry about your leash looking dingy with a leather collar. Our custom dog collars are long-lasting and do not slip out of your hand easily.

How strong are leather leashes?

Leather is an extremely durable material used for leash construction. The strength of your leather pitbull collars will depend on the material's width, thickness, and grade. Make sure to buy leashes with lengths that are at least three-quarters of an inch wide. These leashes are not only strong but can resist the pulls and lunges of large dogs.

Leather leashes are also attractive, durable, and soft on your hand. Leather leashes can stretch like a rope and are easy to handle.

You can buy our range of leather leashes and collars for dogs on our website. BlackJack's Leather is a renowned brand for dog collars and leashes with superior quality products at competitive prices. Check out our website today! Call us at 847-409-1363 for product-related queries.