Personalized Leather Collars For Dogs

A person’s best friend deserves only the best. Premium personalized leather dog collars offer itch resistant loving elegance. Give the ones you care about a lasting gift from BlackJacks Leather.

Quality Dog Collars

Not all collars are equal. Flimsy construction and uncomfortable material fill shelves. There is a reason your dog loves to scratch underneath their collar. It is not fleas.

Unlike the rough material found at big box stores, the right leather collar conforms to the contours of your dog’s neck. It offers unparalleled comfort much the same way a nice pair of leather shoes does.

Which leather collar should I buy for my dog?

Whether looking for leather pitbull collars or a leather collar for a German Shepherd, soft yet sturdy leather is the best fit. Avoid stiff materials as they can chaffe and are worse than polyester and other materials.

Shoot for a product that you would wear. If you would not put such an accessory around your neck, steer clear of it. Our collars take your animal into consideration and not just the cost of manufacturing. 

A cross between quality and class

A quality leather collar is not just comfortable but chic as well. We do not think of our animals as accessories but they do accentuate other opinions of ourselves and our families.

Leather is always classy. Chic leather dog collars turn heads as much as a terrific pair of Italian shoes, especially in a society as obsessed about animals as our own. Putting your best foot forward means putting your best paw forward as well.

As famed philosopher Emanuel Kant stated, “we can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” This is even more true in an age where we no longer treat our dogs as workhorses.

Dog Collars Built to Last

Once you make the leap to treating your dog as you treat yourself, there is still the matter of finding a product that lasts. Paying for quality should also mean paying for an item that lasts.

BlackJack’s Leather crafts collars from tough yet soft leather that your dog will love and you can enjoy as long or longer than nylon webbing. Unsightly cracks and fading color are things we strive to avoid. 

Customized Collars

High-class collars should match you and your dog’s personalities. Customizing color, material, and embroidery adds a unique touch to what is often your dog’s only accessory. 

We handle most requests and have a large collection of items to choose from. You can customize an entire set of leashes and collars.

Personalized Leather Collars for Dogs

Your dog says a lot about you. Their collar and leash do not need to be uncomfortable. Create a personalized leash and collar set with BlackJack’s Leather.

Give your beloved animal a classy and comfortable gift of premium leather. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our extensive catalog. Call us at 847-409-1363 or visit our website for more information. We are happy to help.